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Undertale beta

Undertale is a role-playing video game created by indie developer Toby Fox. The player controls a child who has fallen into the Underground: a large, secluded region under the surface of the Earth, separated by a magic barrier. The player meets various monsters during the journey back to the surface. Some monsters might engage the player in a fight. The combat system involves the player navigating through mini- bullet hell attacks by the opponent. They can opt to pacify or subdue monsters in order to spare them instead of killing them. These choices affect the game, with the dialogue, characters, and story changing based on outcomes. Outside of some artwork, Fox developed the entirety of the game by himself, including the script and music. Originally, Undertale was meant to be two hours in length and was set to be released in mid However, development was delayed over the next three years.
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Just wow. Undertale Beta. By PortelTheShapie Watch.
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Undertale started as a small indie project, originally conceived as a fangame of "Underbound 2" in February before being released as an official demo of Undertale later on in May.
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Undertale started as a small indie project, originally conceived as a fangame of "Underbound 2" in February before being released as an official demo of Undertale later on in May. It had then recieved a Kickstarter page, where backers originally kept track of the game's progress before the eventual release in Judging from the developmental process, the foundation for the game was pretty much laid out save for a few minor layout changes and redone graphics.

Ever since the game's release, it had gained an immense following over the years which allowed Toby Fox himself to include new additions via updates and develop another game in the series called Deltarune.

In December , Toby Fox started to develop Undertale after he clicked on a random article on Wikipedia and ended up on a page about arrays. Back then, he studied about basic programming variables in RPG Maker by reading books, but he did not know how to code a full-scale game. The game's original idea dating back to early ended up being released in as Deltarune. He stated in an interview that the "Action" and "Quit" commands were inspired by Shin Megami Tensei, in a same vein to interacting with monsters.

On February 4th, , Toby posted a joke reply in a friend's forum thread on Starmen. The images and music shown were, in reality, from an early version of Undertale , and feature several differences from their final versions. The image on the right shows the earliest revealed screenshot of the game. While most of it looks similar to how the final game looks, the options at the bottom are different, with a "Talk" choice instead of "Act", "Spare" instead of "Mercy", and a "Spell" option that's not in the final its graphics are present but unused, however.

No visible LV meter has been implemented. The Froggit enemies are called "TestMonster", and the spots on its chest are slightly different than the final's. Frisk originally had black outlines and darker hair and shoes. This was changed to a lighter brown in the final. The regular battle theme, "Enemy Approaching", was one of the earliest tracks written for the game. The version from the PK Hack thread is slightly incomplete, notably missing the outro the final has and the beep-y instrument from on. Compared to the final, the early version has blockier graphics.

LV is next to the player's name, and there is an extra stat EN, which Toby says stands for En glish, though more likely stands for En ergy, which is an unused stat in the demo's code. Dated April 5th, one month before the demo release , this leaf puzzle was made a bit easier in the final version.

Other parts of the ruins were also lacking markings or cracks on the ground at this point. Happy Toriel with no horns. The original Boss Monster design lacked horns, but they were added because Toby felt it made them look too much like mimigas from Cave Story a noted inspiration. Temmie Chang made an overworld sprite of So Sorry from the front, but it was not used until later versions of the game, where he appears outside of the Art Club room in the True Pacifist epilogue only after fighting him.

On Toby Fox's Twitter, he notes that at one point, Mettaton would save your essay to the hard drive as an image , but it was buggy, and thus was removed. This track is used when you first meet Toriel. The Bandcamp version is a slowed down, lower-pitched version of the demo's version in the files, which in turn is slowed down, and lower-pitched in-game. It was uploaded on October 30th, , at AM. This prototype version of "Stronger Monsters" is found on Toby's website, as well as in a Kickstarter update.

The only major difference seems to be that the end is shorter. It was uploaded on December 18th, , at AM. Various unreleased music tracks were posted to the Undertale Tumblr on the day before the game's 1-year anniversary. A calmer, less quirky-sounding version of Alphys's theme. It was rewritten for the final version because Toby felt it was too similar to "a certain lab song from another game" Most likely referring to Dr.

Andonuts' lab theme from EarthBound. An early version of Undyne's battle theme. An early take on the eponymous song. Compared to the final version, this is less bittersweet-sounding and is played in a minor key.

Toby was inspired to change the guitar backing to a new melody which itself served as the basis for "Memory" and "His Theme" after hearing the song "Redline Day" from the anime film Redline.

Definitely meant to be an area theme, but it doesn't sound quite like anything else on the soundtrack. Maybe that's why it was scrapped? Apparently, if you completed the game quickly enough, you would have gotten an image of the Annoying Dog in a bikini as a "reward":. Concept art for what appears to be an early version of Papyrus based on the pose. According to Toby, the gray pixels are a result of resizing in Microsoft Paint, so this may not be what the original version actually looked like. Concept art for Burgerpants with some According to Toby, Burgerpants is the only character whose final design matches the concept art Concept art for the marsh with some some choice words for cyan-lovers.

The final version of this area has cyan water anyway. According to Toby, this is concept art for Toriel. This is also used in the "Beauty" border in the console releases; namely, the Switch version. Mail has been fixed ; you should now be able to confirm your e-mail address, watch pages, and the like. Please report any issues on Discord. From The Cutting Room Floor. This page contains changes which are not marked for translation. Other languages:. Source: Famistu Interview. Source: PK Hack archive. Source: tobyfox.

Source: Temmie Chang tuyoki. Source: Samael on Tumblr. Source: Kickstarter. Source: Toby Fox. Source: Toby Fox , Toby Fox. Area 3! AREA 3! Category : Prereleases. Navigation menu Personal tools English Create account Log in. Namespaces Prerelease Discussion. Views Read View source View history. This page was last edited on 18 October , at Content is available under Attribution 3.

A full playthrough of a prototype of the demo, a few weeks before the demo's public release. To do: The "Start Menu" combines four tracks into one for some reason. Split this track up and compare it to the unused "Start Menu" tracks in the demo. The final game's Bandcamp soundtrack has differences in it as well.

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